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Finding your way around Laporte county isnít very hard and generally any visitor looking for trade schools in LaPorte county will be helped by a kind citizen of this fine community. Many tourist find it fun and interesting to travel around the city by walking, riding a bike or even having a local show you around town. The Laporte school system is top notch and offers real small towns feel to raising your children or for young adults considering going to a local technical college in the Laporte County area. Prior to embarking on your education to find a skill or trade you might consider having a look around the city to ensure itís a place you want to live while training.

Things to do while in Town

A trip to the local La Porte County Historical Society & Museum is definitely something you want to partake in. Learning about the culture of this place will give you insight into how it all works and came to be. The museum is handicapped accessible and the hours of operation are 10 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Tuesday thru Saturday. You might even get Flo the local waitress whom sometimes offers tours around town to newbie visitors take you for some sightseeing. You may want to call in advance because sometimes Mel isnít too fond of Flo taking days off without advance notice because that would mean Alice would have to find a baby sitter for Tommy.

A few other things you can do while in town are visit the local landmarks, head over to the Research Library or some of the following.

Other land marks for prospective students looking for trade schools in La Porte County

Visit and inspect local landmarks like these:

The tablet reads as follows: ď The Rumely Companies Meinrad Rumely (1823 Ė 1904). A German Immigrant, founded a blacksmith shop here in 1853, which grew into a dominant company Through reorganizations and acquisitions, Rumely companies in La Porte benefited from available rail transportation plus German and later Polish immigrant laborers. Products included a wide variety of agricultural machines.Ē

East facing inscription reads

Trade Schools in other cities
Fort Worth
Sherman Oaks

The Rumely Companies ďRumelyís prizewinning thresher later became one of the earliest powered by steam. Thousands of Oil pull tractors sold worldwide 1910-1930. Rumely companies where at the forefront of mechanization of American and world agriculture and had significant impact on La Porte. Allis-Chalmers acquired the firm in 1931 and closed La Porte plant 1983.

Laporte county trade and technical schools offer the true old timer work ethic and brings back the good old days to the traditional education system in place in todayís world where you canít even allow your child to walk home from school, even if its 2 blocks from your house. This has really gotten out of hand with the overprotection of children witch probably leads children that are not as well rounded and with their freedom restricted for so-called safety concerns end up never learning and experimenting and making mistakes that we need in order to learn for ourselves. The good old days from my childhood saw me picking in some trash cans, taking out peopleís trash, selling stuff like lemon aid, candy door to door without any supervision and that gave me a tremendous drive in life to succeed. Ok got off on a little tangent there. Back to our introduction to the counties trade school offerings.

Iíll cover one last marker and its inscription then will update the site at a later date to include more information.

La Porteís Carnegie Library

Dedicated on June 5, 2002

Location ( Southwest corner of Indiana and Maple Avenues, La Porte)

La Porteís first public library was established in 1896. La Porte City school Board was awarded $27,500 Carnegie grant 1916; by 1919 local support had been secured to meet grant requirements. Architect Wilson B. Parker designed the Neo-Classical style structure. Library opened in 1920 with 30,000 volumes. For more information on La Porte County and what it has to offer prospective students looking for trade schools or technical college information please visit some of the local and official government websites.